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In-room internet access is free if you are a member of Fairmont’s President’s Club frequent-traveler program. Membership in FPC is free. If you’ve already made your reservation without an FPC membership, sign up for the program, then go back and modify your reservation or provide your membership number when you check in to the hotel.

Complimentary internet access is available in the lobby/bar area on the ground floor of the hotel.

Internet access is not available (paid or free) in the second-floor function areas where Westercon’s program, functions, and events are happening. We would love to be able to provide our members with internet access, but the charges for doing in the function rooms are prohibitive. Unfortunately, the Fairmont’s internet connectivity in their function rooms does not have a mechanism for charging per individual user.

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By Linda Robinett on 03.26.11 1:44 pm

Stupid enrollemnt for the Fairmont President Club did not work.

By Glenn on 03.26.11 7:01 pm

Did you try calling the hotel? We have no control over their websites. Also, they give you the option of signing up when you check-in, so you won’t lose out on anything even if you wait until then.

By Linda Robinett on 03.30.11 8:20 am

Thanks, I did not realize I could sign up at checkin. Much easier to do.

By Andrew on 07.01.11 8:23 pm

I had no problem signing up for the Fairmont President’s Club on my laptop with my own Internet. Mobile phone directed me to their mobile Web site however. Now connected through Fairmont: speed test was 336k down and 106k up with 61ms latency.

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