There is no free parking in downtown San Jose, but there are many parking lots in downtown San Jose, and most of them cost less than the hotel’s ($26/day, valet parking only) garage. See the Downtown San Jose Parking web page for details.

Parking lots particularly convenient to the Fairmont include the San Fernando & South Second Street Lot (30 E. San Fernando St.), which is an open surface parking lot suitable for taller vehicles. Just south of there is the Pavilion Garage (150 S. Second Street), which is a parking garage (max clearance 6’6″) and is very convenient to the hotel, as the exit stairs on First Street are right across from the Fairmont’s First Street doors. Both of these lots are maximum $20 day/$5 nights and weekends. (The parking garage attendant at the Pavilion said that July 4 counts as a weekend for this purpose; we have not checked with other lots.) Both of these lots list operating hours; however, we’ve parked overnight in both of them in the past, so you won’t be towed away for parking overnight, although you may not be able to exit during the wee hours of the morning. (The attendant at the Pavilion said that they’re actually open 24 hours despite what it may say on the web site.)

Another alternative, if you don’t mind not having convenient access to your vehicle, is to drop off your things (and your traveling companions) at the Fairmont and then driving to a nearby VTA Light Rail station with free long-term parking. The nearest such station is Tamien Station. You can park there for up to 7 days in the “Airport” spaces and ride light rail back to the hotel, which is located at the Paseo de San Antonio stop. Light rail fare is $2 for a one-way trip.

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By AmyCat =^.^= (Book Universe) on 06.26.11 2:31 pm

Will the hotel allow dealer loading WITHOUT charging from the garage (as they did at World Fantasy)? I do NOT want to be hauling a van-load of books in through the front lobby from a parking lot three blocks away, or killing myself lifting 25+ cartons of books and 20+ bookcases (plus my hand-truck) up onto the loading dock, since (as you explained in the Dealer Info letter) that area does NOT have a ramp to get things up from street-level.

By Jim&Melody on 06.27.11 9:19 am

For ANY convention at the Fairmont we’ve used the loading dock behind the hotel. No charge, but you do have to lift the boxes up onto the dock.

By Glenn on 06.27.11 9:28 am

You can use the loading dock to load or unload if you are an artist, dealer or exhibitor. However, you cannot park there when you are not loading or unloading.

By Ioanna Stern on 06.27.11 1:33 pm

As to the parking at $26 a day at the hotel , what about those that have a Handicap Placard and who are going to staying in the Hotel. What will be the parking rate for those people?

By Kevin on 06.27.11 1:43 pm


I just called the Fairmont and spoke with the hotel’s front desk. They told me that there is no reduced-rate parking for people with a Handicap Placard. The only discount they offer is half-price parking for hybrid vehicles.

By Ron Oakes on 06.29.11 5:05 pm

Is there hourly rates for the valet?

I have a rental car through Thursday (when we check in) and would like to stop at the hotel for check in before returning it, but not if I’m going to be hit with the daily rate. If the daily rate is all they have, I’ll park elsewhere and walk.

By Kevin on 06.29.11 5:08 pm

According to the hotel’s web site:

  • First 20 minutes: $5
  • Every additional 20 minutes: $1.50
  • Maximum rate for the day: $26

By Glenn on 06.29.11 8:24 pm

Ron, I pulled into the valet area today, checked in, went with the bellhop and our luggage to the room, came back down and drove the car to a city parking lot. The hotel had no problem with this at all.

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