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Westercon 66 Awarded to Olive Country

By Kevin on July 3rd, 2011
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After a very long meeting, the Westercon Business Meeting, acting under the provisions of Section 3.16 of the Westercon Bylaws, awarded Westercon 66 to the “Olive Country” bid of Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley on a vote of 93 to 27. (A three-fourths vote is required to award a Westercon site through the Business Meeting.) Kevin & Andy state that they will announce a specific site (probably in the Sacramento area) and other details in a few weeks, but that due to their commitments to this year’s Worldcon, they won’t be able to act immediately.

Westercons selected under Section 3.16 do not have to be declared for a specific location as long as the committee commits to hold it somewhere in the Westercon region (Western North America or Hawaii).

Other sites considered by the Business Meeting were the originally-filed Portland bid, a bid by the existing Utah in 2014 Westercon bid to move their bid up by one year, and a bid for Maui.

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