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Souvenir Book Advertising

By Kevin on March 30th, 2011
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If you submitted an inquiry regarding advertising in the Westercon 64 Souvenir Book before March 27, 2011, please re-submit the request by contacting our Program Book editor.

The deadline for placing ads in the Souvenir Book is May 15. See our Souvenir Book Advertising page for more details.

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First Dealer List Posted

By Kevin on March 23rd, 2011
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We have added a Dealers’ Room List of those dealers whose applications for the Westercon 64 Dealers’ Room have been completed and accepted. We will update this list as necessary. Dealers who have applied but are not listed may still have paperwork pending. If you’re a dealer who has submitted an application and have not yet heard from the Dealer’s Room coordinator, write to dealers@westercon64.org.

At-Door, Daily Rates Announced

By Kevin on March 21st, 2011
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Westercon 64 has announced the membership costs for buying a membership at the door and the cost of single-day admissions. Effective June 1, 2011 and at the door, a full four-day attending membership, including admission to all convention functions, will be $75. (Memberships are currently $65.)

Single-day admissions entitle you to attend one day of Westercon. The single-day admissions will cost as follows:
Friday: $30
Saturday: $40
Sunday: $40
Monday: $25

Single-day admissions will not be sold in advance and can be purchased at the convention only.

Additional details, including child memberships and conversions from supporting to attending, are available on our Membership Registration page. Save money by joining in advance!

Dealers’ Room Full

By Kevin on March 20th, 2011
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The Westercon 64 Dealers’ Room is now full. We are accepting applications for a waiting list to be used in case of any cancellations. See the Dealers’ Room Page for details and the application form.

Attention Party Hosts

By Kevin on March 19th, 2011
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Fan-run social gatherings (“room parties” in fan-speak) are among the great established traditions of SF conventions. If you’re interested in hosting a room party at Westercon 64, check out our Parties page for information you need to know before hosting a party.

Program Update

By Committee on March 15th, 2011
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We’re working on an exciting and different program using the very diverse talents of writers, artists, scientists, and authors who are attending this convention. Expect to see new things — we’re going to push the boundaries a bit.

Besides our guests of honor, our confirmed SF and fantasy authors include the following: Maya Bohnhoff, Amy Sterling Casil, James Glass, Lisa Goldstein, Robert Hole, Deborah Ross, John Shirley, Karen Taylor, Dave Trowbridge, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. We will be hosting a book launch from an author who will be flying in from Japan, and we will debut the first showing of a comic character’s appearance on video (and no, we can’t tell you which one). Award-winning science writer and astronomer Dr. Ken Croswell will grace our science programming on his first visit to a science fiction convention. We also have film critics, experts on the occult, comics authors and publishers, and entrepreneurs who are taking SF and fantasy into new media. Check here often or subscribe to our site updates for more news about a program that is going to be something special!

Internet Connectivity at Westercon

By Kevin on March 9th, 2011
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Before making your hotel reservation for Westercon 64, you may want to sign up for the Fairmont President’s Club frequent-traveler program (it’s free), because FPC members get free in-room internet. Internet connectivity (wi-fi) will not be available in the function rooms or hallway areas. See our Internet Access page for more details.

Fan Tables Available

By Kevin on March 8th, 2011
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Westercon 64 follows the traditional practice of making complimentary space available for other non-commercial fan activities such as other conventions and clubs. Fan Tables will be located in the hallways outside the function rooms on the second floor of the hotel. See our Fan Tables page for information on requesting a fan table.

Hotel Reservations Open

By Kevin on March 4th, 2011
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The Fairmont Hotel is now accepting reservations. See our hotel page for details or click here to make your reservation now.

Please note that due to an event happening just before Westercon, we have very few hotel rooms on the nights before the convention. If you are planning on combining a vacation with your trip to Westercon, we recommend planning it for after Westercon, not before.

If you have any questions or problems with your hotel reservation, please contact our Hotel Liaison at hotel [at] westercon64.org.