Fan Tables

Westercon 64 follows the traditional practice of making complimentary space available for other non-commercial fan activities such as other conventions and clubs. Fan Tables will be located in the hallways outside the function rooms, and will not be secured overnight. To request a fan table, contact Bobbie DuFault at fantables [at]

Groups Scheduled to Attend

The following groups are scheduled to have tables at Westercon 64:
Renovation: 69th World Science Fiction Convention 2011

  • Chicon 7: 70th World Science Fiction Convention 2012
  • Westercon 65: Conclusion (2012, Seattle)
  • Westercon 66 bid (Portland)
  • Westercon 67 bid (Utah)
  • CostumeCon 30
  • London in 2014 Worldcon Bid
  • Spokane in 2015 Worldcon Bid
  • Steamcon
  • Combined San Diego Conventions table
  • Steam Federation
  • Heinlein Society
  • St. Clair Aeronauts

Sales Tax and Permits

Note that if your fan group is selling anything subject to California sales tax (such as t-shirts, but not including club and convention memberships), your group will need to have a California resale number (“seller’s permit”) regardless of your total sales. If your group needs but does not have a California seller’s permit, you can obtain a free temporary permit by filing with the California State Board of Equalization (link opens PDF of application form). Also please note that even if your group is tax-exempt under IRS 501(c)(3), you are still subject to collecting and paying California sales tax on taxable merchandise.

You will not need a City of San José business license; groups qualified for fan tables will fall into at least one of the exemptions from San José business taxes.

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By Spike on 03.02.11 1:21 am

Late tonight, March 1, I tried to send a request for a fan table to the eddress above. The message bounced, an error of the permanent sort. The message says “mailbox temporarily disabled:

By Glenn on 03.02.11 6:43 am

Bobbie changed her email address, I’ll get this fixed. Thanks, Spike.

By Glenn on 03.02.11 3:47 pm

Email updated. The alias should work, now.

By Bobbie on 03.08.11 10:16 pm

Sorry about that Spike. Verizon sold out to Frontier in my neck of the woods and I didn’t realize that we had the fan table data going to that email.

Did you get your fan table request re-submitted?

By Mike Willmoth on 04.18.11 5:40 pm


I just noticed a typo:

“Also please note that even if your groups is tax-exempt”

Group should probably be singular or the verb should be plural 🙂


By Kevin on 04.19.11 1:30 am


I’m not Glenn, but I am the person who does most of the website content editing, not to mention the person who committed the typo in the first place. Thanks for reporting it, and it’s fixed now.

— Kevin

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