Room Parties are established traditions of SF conventions. We want to help those of you hosting parties have a good time and to help all of the other members have a good time in a safe, responsible manner.

If you’re planning on hosting a party, make your own hotel reservation first. Book your room in the Main Tower, not the South Tower (all parties will be in the Main Tower). When you get the confirmation notice, send a copy of it to parties [at] The Party Liaison will not make a reservation for you. If you are interested in renting a suite (suites start from $219/night before taxes for a standard one-bedroom suite), make a regular room reservation first and work with the Party Liaison to determine the suite that’s best for you.

Party (“social gathering”) rooms will have corkage waivers. The person renting the room (host) is responsible for the room and any complaints that may occur because of the social gathering. Below are a list of things to consider that will make your gatherings more enjoyable for everyone:

  • The party must conform to the hotel rules and policies.
  • Westercon is not responsible for any damage to persons or property during the party, or as a result of it.
  • The host is responsible for the conduct of those attending the party.
  • If alcohol is served, the host must be 21 years of age or older.
  • The host must not drink alcohol during the party.
  • The host must be present at the party during the entire time that the party is in progress.
  • All persons at the party drinking alcohol must have legal ID on their person at all times.
  • KEEP WATCH ON WHO IS DRINKING. If you are serving alcohol, check ID and not leave alcohol where anyone can grab it. Only persons at least 21 years old may drink alcohol.
  • No alcohol is permitted to leave the party at which it was served. (Yes, people can buy alcohol in the hotel bar and leave the bar but the bar cuts them off much earlier than our parties do.)
  • Westercon reserves the right to shut down any party for any reason.
  • Noise: if your party is very noisy with music and lots of people we ask you to leave your door mostly closed.

This is not a comprehensive list. Every convention seems to turn up things that no one thought we needed to write down. Please cooperate with our committee or staff.

If you are interested in hosting a room party at Westercon, Please send an e-mail to parties [at]

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By Lem on 05.31.11 3:58 pm

Just how are you going to enforce the rule “No alcohol is permitted to leave the party at which it was served.” That is impossible. Are you saying each party room will have someone at their door to stop people from leaving with a drink?

By Glenn on 05.31.11 5:16 pm

Generally, yes, that is how it is done. We had such a person in our own party just last week at Baycon. The simple facts of the matter are that the party throwers should be doing this in their own best interest. Should the rare circumstance occur where someone is arrested for public drunkenness or underage drinking, the police are going to find out where the alcohol came from and have some very unpleasant conversations with the folks running the party.

By Bill Stewart on 06.18.11 10:54 am

San Jose police are really gung-ho about arresting people for public drunkenness – if you’re too drunk to drive, they consider you too drunk to walk. While they mainly target bars and some ethnic groups, they do not have much experience with Klingons, elves, weretigers, and bellydancers, and may react inappropriately if confused. Using Jedi mind tricks to tell them that these are not the drinking cups they’re looking for are unlikely to succeed.

So yeah, they mean it.

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