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By Karen Meschke on 02.10.10 8:04 pm

In my role as Publications Division head for Reno, I’d like to
know if your Westercon in 2011 would like to place an ad in
Progress Report 1 and/or 2.

Our rates for are as follows:

Dimensions Pro Semi-Pro Fan Size
Full-page $600.00 $ 300.00 $ 150.00 10″ x 8″
Half-page-landscape $400.00 $ 200.00 $ 100.00 5″ x 8″
Half-page-portrait $400.00 $ 200.00 $ 100.00 10″ x 4″
Quarter page $250.00 $ 120.00 $ 60.00 5″ x 4″
Quarter page $250.00 $ 120.00 $ 60.00 2.5″ x 8″
Quarter page $250.00 $ 120.00 $ 60.00 10″ x 2″

Our deadline is February 16th, and you will need to contact Michael Nelson
( for more information.

Thanks in advance,

Karen Meschke

By Kevin on 02.12.10 3:21 pm

We answered Karen’s question in e-mail. For reference, our contact e-mail addresses are listed on our Committee List page, which is accessible from the “About” tab at the top of the main page.

By jean marie stine on 02.05.11 11:32 am

When will prices for ads in the souvineer program book be available, it is getting close to the con and some of us need to plan our advertising there.

By Committee on 02.06.11 8:23 pm

Advertising rates are now posted under Publications.

By Lerma on 04.18.11 9:52 pm

To Karen Meschke.. where you stationed at Whidbey Island, Oak HArbor 1974,7975, 1976?

By Michael Bowker on 06.30.11 3:16 pm

So are their plans for a guidebook ( schedule so that those of us with smart phones can use them?

By Kevin on 06.30.11 10:15 pm

Michael: No, I’m sorry, but I don’t expect us to have any other formats available.

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