Art Show applications are available on the Art Show page.

The Dealers’ Room is full; however, waiting-list applications are available on the Dealers page.

Fan Tables for non-commercial fan activities such as clubs and conventions are available based on available space; see the Fan Tables page for details and contact information.

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By Dawn Martinez-Byrne on 06.05.10 1:51 pm

Hi! Any information on Dealer’s Tables yet? I’m interested in selling at Westercon.

By Kevin on 06.05.10 2:05 pm

For information about the Dealers’ Room, write to Chris Marble at We’ll post more when dealer table information is available.

By Candy Martinez on 06.21.10 10:19 am

I’d like information on the availability of dealers’ tables at WesterCon64.
We’d really appreciate it!

By Glenn on 06.21.10 10:23 am

Hi, Candy.

As Kevin wrote earlier, please write to for dealers room info.

By Maria on 01.21.11 2:04 pm

Have noticed that the last messages were from last June and still no info is up for dealer’s Room…have also sent an email to Chris but no reply as yet there either…please could we have some info in Dealer’s tables?

By Glenn on 01.21.11 2:07 pm

Hi, Maria.

Unfortunately, Chris had to step down from being in charge of the dealer’s room and Dave Clark has kindly agreed to step in. Can you email him at to request info. Apologies if you’re having to do this twice.

By Maria on 01.28.11 3:50 am

Still no answer on the question about dealer tables or any info for dealers..we really would like to attend but our emails are not even being acknowledged.

By Kevin on 02.01.11 2:46 am

Maria (and others):

I spoke with David Clark, our dealers’ room head, on Monday, January 31 at the meeting of the Bay Area Science Fiction Association, and he says he’s getting the e-mails and is working on the Dealer Table information. When it’s been reviewed and can be published, he’ll be sending it to people who have been e-mailing us and he’ll give us a copy to post on the web site.

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