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Westercon has an impressive guest list, and we can promise you an interesting and challenging program. Our scheduled program participants are listed below. Names listed in strikethru type are people who we previously listed but who have had to cancel.

If you have any questions about our program participant list or other parts of Westercon 64 programming, contact our Programming team.

All participants are subject to change without notice.

If you are one of the participants listed above and want to add your website to your listing here, contact the Website team.

Last updated: 29 June 2011

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By AmyCat =^.^= (Book Universe) on 05.09.11 11:47 pm

Check the spelling on these names! Castelucci’s first name is *Cecil*, not “Cacil”. You’ve also doubled up on letters in the names of Erin Hoffman and both Kollin brothers (correct spellings: Eytan and Dani). You may also want to note that author Mike Moscoe currently has many more books in print under his pen name Mike Shepherd these days, so listing him with BOTH names is preferable…

Thanks, though, for getting the list out for us!

By Walter Chisholm on 05.11.11 5:59 pm

Mike Shephard is a pseudonym for Mike Moscoe; this is not two separate authors

By Kevin on 05.11.11 6:01 pm

Walter: Yes, we know. Read AmyCat’s comment immediately above yours for an explanation of why we did this.

By Janice Cullum Hodghead on 06.07.11 2:20 pm

I would like to participate in one or more of your panels. I am a member of SFWA with 2 novels published and another due out in September, 2011. I am particularly interested in anything to do with shapechanging and/or world building.

By Kevin on 06.07.11 2:23 pm


We will forward your message to the Westercon Programming team. Please note that Programming does not monitor this web page, so it’s best to write directly to with questions. Questions posted here have to wait until one of the members of the website team forward them to the appropriate department.

By AmyCat =^.^= (Book Universe) on 06.27.11 7:47 pm

Norm Sperling’s web-link (the Journal of Irreproducible Results site) should be – the link you’ve got is broken.

By Kevin on 06.27.11 10:27 pm

Fixed now. Thanks.

By D.M. Atkins on 06.28.11 12:41 am

Please correct my name on the page. I don’t use my first name in print for my writing.

By Glenn on 06.28.11 6:14 am

The web page is automatically generated from the information you gave us when registered. If you would like it changed, please send an email to registration [at] asking them to make your badge name be what you specify in the email.

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