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Westercon 66 Site to be Decided at Business Meeting

By Kevin on July 3rd, 2011
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The final results of the ballot voting for Westercon 66 (2013) Site Selection were:

Portland 41
Granzella’s 42

The Granzella’s bid never filed required paperwork and therefore was not eligible to win the election. Under the provisions of Section 3.16 of the Westercon Bylaws, the site selection now moves to this year’s Westercon Business Meeting. The Business Meeting may select a committee for any site eligible to hold a Westercon (Western North America or Hawaii), and all of the other bidding rules (paperwork, organizational structure, etc.) are suspended.

The Business Meeting may select any site by a 3/4 vote, or it may vote by simple majority to decide that it is deadlocked an unable to decide. If the Business Meeting does not choose a site, then the selection will be referred to the board of directors of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc., owners of the Westercon service mark.

The Westercon Business Meeting will be at 11:30 AM on Sunday in the Club Regent room on the ground floor of the hotel. (There will be a room-change notice posted on the door of the originally-scheduled venue, the California Room.) We advise anyone wanting to attend the Business Meeting to get there early.

You must be present in person to vote at the Business Meeting; no proxies or other forms of remote voting are allowed.

By Deirdre Saoirse Moen on 07.03.11 4:36 am

The Business Meeting will indeed be moved to Club Regent. Signage will commence.

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