The Westercon Masquerade will be on Saturday night of Westercon 64.

  • Doors open 7:30 PM
  • Event starts 8 PM

The Masquerade is an event where some members of the convention present their costumes on stage for the entertainment of the other members in the audience. It is not a Masqued Ball, and all members of the convention, whether in costume or not, are invited and encouraged to attend.

Details of interest to those planning to present costumes in the Masquerade are on the following pages:

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By jan finder aka The Wombat on 02.13.11 8:18 am

I wrote to you about judging for the masquerade.

Did you receive it?


By Glenn on 02.13.11 9:28 am

Not sure who you wrote to, Jan. Did you write to That would be the right place to go for this question.

By Ann on 04.18.11 10:51 pm

I’m new to this – can anyone at the con watch the masquerade without entering? i.e., I’m just attending but wish to watch. Is that ok?

By Kevin on 04.19.11 1:32 am


Yes. Think of the Masquerade as a Costume Show, not a Costume Party. People watching it (like you!) sit in the audience while the entrants display their costumes on the stage. This is not a Masqued Ball or an event where every single person in the room has to be in costume. Sorry for any confusion.

[…] hosts the Q&A/interview session to follow the readings.Saturday night at 8 PM is the Westercon Masquerade Costume Contest,where members of the convention show off their best SF/F costumes before an appreciative audience. […]

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