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SJ2011 Formally Files Bid, Selects Fairmont Hotel

By Committee on December 27th, 2008
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SFSFC, parent organization of the San Jose in 2011 Westercon bid, has formally filed our bid to host Westercon 64. The bid has selected the Fairmont San Jose as our host hotel.

Although we had earlier announced that the San Jose Doubletree was our preferred site, after evaluating all of the proposals we received, we elected to go with the Fairmont Hotel’s as representing the best overall value for Westercon’s members.

For more details and the full text of the announcement, see the press release on the SFSFC corporate web site. We have also updated the Site pages of the bid web site to include more information about the Fairmont, and we have included links to our bid filing information in the Materials and About SFSFC pages.