Phil and Kaja Foglio

Phil & Kaja FoglioPhil and Kaja Foglio are the creators of the Hugo Award-nominated Girl Genius series of graphics novels, which they describe as a “Gaslamp Fantasy” of a world ruled by Mad Science where “sparks” with uncanny scientific skills vie with each other for control of a Europe torn by strife. The Foglios’ graphic novels are serialized online three times a week, which, contrary to expectations of many who assumed that free online distribution would lead to nobody buying the graphic novel collections, has actually increased their overall sales and won them a dedicated world-wide following, including a nomination for the first-ever Best Graphic Story Hugo Award.

Phil Foglio’s distinctive artwork style has been known to the SF/F world for more than twenty years. He has won two Hugo Awards for his artwork and garnered Hugo Award nominations in four categories. Among his best known works are his illustrations for Robert Asprin’s MythAdventures novels and the graphic adaptation of Asprin’s Another Fine Myth, the Buck Godot graphic novels, the XXXenophilecomic books, and the long-running “What’s New” comic series in the pages of Dragon and Duelist magazines. His works include rich characterization and world-building. A close examination of the backgrounds of Phil’s work will reward the reader with many hints of a wide world outside of the main frame of the story.

In addition to his graphic novel endeavors, Phil also co-authored the novel Illegal Aliens with Nick Pollotta, and co-authored the non-fiction book Saturday Night Poker with James Ernest and Mike Selinker, a collection of odd and interesting poker variations that are definitely not According to Hoyle.

Kaja Foglio is a self-described “cartoon girl,” and her husband has described her as the embodiment of the “Dixie Null” character from his ”What’s New” series. Although her contribution to Girl Genius is credited as co-writer with Phil, she is also an artist in her own right. Among her credits are many cards for collectable card games such as Magic: The Gathering.

The Foglios have two children, a son Victor (a budding artist and entrepreneur in his own right) and daughter Alex. They live in Seattle, where their home also serves as the headquarters for their Airship Entertainment imprint and Studio Foglio, leading to the occasional consternation of neighbors when trucks arrive to unload cases of new Girl Genius collections fresh from the printer into their driveway.

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