To contact a specific department of the convention, check our list of contact addresses on our Committee Page.

If you can’t find the right contact there, or for general questions, contact us at our general contact email.

You can also contact us by regular mail at:

San Jose in 2011
PO Box 61363
Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363

For more information about Westercon in general, see our About Westercon page.

Representatives of Westercon 64 will be attending other conventions, sometimes staffing information tables at those conventions. See our Meet Us page for details.

Westercon sites are selected by the members of Westercon; See the Site Selection page for details and a copy of the site selection ballot. The rules for Westercon site selection and certain other aspects of the organization of Westercon are governed by a meeting at each Westercon where all members may participate. See the Westercon Business page for more details.

You can subscribe to site updates for this web site so that you’ll be informed when we post new information about Westercon 64.