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Online Membership Open

By Committee on July 15th, 2009
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We are now taking membership bookings online. See here for details. If you are unsure of your current membership status you can check our membership list.

For the Record

By Kevin on July 4th, 2009
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The site of the 2011 Westercon was selected by a vote of the members of the 2009 Westercon in Tempe AZ. San Jose received a majority of the ballots cast on the first round and was declared the winner of the election to host Westercon 64. The Westercon Bylaws, Section 3.17, require that these results be published in a progress report of the winning bid.

Candidate Mail Thu Fri Total
San Jose 9 17 53 79
Both 1 1
Fordlandia 2 2
I-5 in 2105 1 1
Maui 2 2
Nome of the Above 1 1
Reno in 2011 1 1
Spuzzum BC 1 1
Tonopah NV 2 2
Trona CA 1 1
None of the Above 1 1
Total with Preference 10 20 62 92
Needed to Elect (Majority) 47
No Preference 1 1
Total Ballots Cast 10 21 62 93

San Jose Wins 2011 Westercon

By Committee on July 3rd, 2009
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San Jose has won the right to host Westercon 64, having received 79 of the 93 ballots cast in the election held at Westercon 62 in Tempe, Arizona.

Westercon 64’s Guests of Honor will be:
Writer: Patricia A. McKillip
Artists: Phil & Kaja Foglio
Fan: Mike Willmoth

Attending memberships will be $45 with discounts to people who voted in Site Selection or pre-supported the bid.

If you pre-supported (or pre-opposed) the SJ 2011 bid and voted in 2011 Site Selection (or were a Friend of the SJ 2011 bid), you are automatically an attending member.

A new Westercon 64 web site at http://www.westercon64.org/ will be online soon. Online registration for Westercon 64 will be also be available soon.