What is Westercon?

Westercon is the West Coast Science Fantasy Conference. It has been held annually since 1948 in Western North America (plus Hawaii). From Hawaii in the West to El Paso in the East, to Vancouver and Calgary in the North, and to San Diego and Phoenix in the South, Westercon has traveled far in the region. It is a general interest science fiction/fantasy convention covering literature, art, science, costuming, gaming, music, television, movies, comics, anime, politics, and any other topic of interest to fans.

Individual fan groups bid for the right to hold Westercon each year. Our group, SFSFC, won the right to hold the convention in 2011. The 2012 Westercon, also known as “ConClusion,” will be in Seattle. Members of Westercon 64 will vote on where to hold the convention in 2013.

Each Westercon is an independent, standalone convention. Although the service mark on the convention name is held by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, LASFS does not run individual Westercons and is not generally involved in the selection of Westercon sites or the management of individual Westercons. You can find out more about the history of Westercon on the Westercon web site.

What about that Worldcon in Reno?

The 2011 World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), also known as Renovation, will be in Reno, Nevada, about six weeks after our Westercon. They are not holding a Westercon, and we are not holding a Worldcon. Westercon and Worldcon are different conventions, although both are selected using a similar bidding process.

Bid Archive

Some archive pages from our bid web site are available below.

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