Art Show

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Art Show Information Package

Art Show Hours

The Art Show will be open to the members of the convention during these hours:

Friday 7/1: Noon – 6 PM
Saturday 7/2: 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday 7/3: 10 AM – 6 PM (Silent bidding ends)
Monday 7/4 Noon: Voice Auction
Monday 7/4: 10 AM – 3 PM (Including Buyer pick-up)

Art Show Control Sheets

Attention Artists already accepted to the Art Show: You can download copies of the Art Show Control Sheets here:

Art Show Application Information

To apply for admission to the Westercon 64 Art Show, download the application form and general art show information sheet here as a PDF.

Art Show space is available in units of panels or half tables. A panel is 3’ wide by 4’ high, and is made of pegboard. Materials for hanging artwork will be provided by the convention. Table space is approximately 3’ long by 2.5’ deep, half a standard hotel table. Each unit of Art Show space is $7.50. Full details, including Print Shop Sales, commission and payment arrangements, and hanging fee information, are available in the Art Show Information Package.

For more information, questions about the Art Show, or if you need a paper copy of the Art Show Information Sheet/Application Form mailed to you, contact Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink and Jerome Scott at 1010 E. Acacia Ave., El Segundo CA 90245 (note that this is not the main Westercon 64 mailing address) or e-mail artshow [at] Please do not post requests to the web site here, because it will result in the request being delayed until the web site team can forward the request to the Art Show.

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By Jena DellaGrottaglia on 03.07.11 10:10 am

I have never been a vendor for my art at a Con before and I am not quite sure what it entails or what merch I should bring perhaps you can assist me via email! I am in the Northern Cali area and would really like to give this a go!

By Mike McLughlin on 03.26.11 12:12 pm

Hello Westercon Art Show,
Have not been able to obtain Art Show info or forms,only get blank pages. Could you please mail me a copy at my street address.
Thank you for your time and assistance,
Michael McLaughlin
811 Spindrift Avenue
San Jose, CA 95134-1301

By Kevin on 03.26.11 10:14 pm


While we’ve forwarded your query to our Art Show team, please note that posting questions here to the web site will actually delay them being answered, as it’s not monitored by the Art Show team. Send questions and requests for materials to artshow [at]

By Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink on 06.18.11 4:53 pm

Art show has been expanded! we can accomodate more artists.
thanks to all of you who have inquired

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