Masquerade Rules

Blank Masquerade registration forms will be available from the convention Information desk, or you can download them here:

  • Every entrant must be a registered attendee of Westercon 64. If the maker and presenter of the costume are different people, both must be attending members.
  • You (or a representative of your group) must attend the Pre-Masquerade Meeting. Failure to attend the meeting (without making previous arrangements with the Masquerade Director) can result in your entry being taken out of the Masquerade. More information on this important meeting can be found at the end of this section.
  • Purchased and rented costumes may not be submitted for judging of any type, with the following exception: costumes using less than 50% purchased parts may ask for judging, as long as those purchased elements are thoroughly disclosed to all judges (so that they may be discounted).
  • Practical applications of the above rule: if you got your costume off the web, or purchased all in thrift stores or eBay, you are ineligible for competition. If you bought your costume items and then altered them yourself to fit you (or your friend) better, you are still ineligible for competition unless the alteration significantly changes the original garment structure. It will be the Masquerade Director’s decision in that case whether the costume can compete.
  • If your costume doesn’t qualify for competition, we still welcome your presence on stage in the Exhibition category!
  • You may appear on stage once, in one costume.
  • You do not have to create a skit or presentation to go on stage. A simple catwalk (walk on, pause, turn, pause, walk off) works, too.
  • Presentations have strict time limits. Solo entrants are limited to one minute. Entries of two or more are limited to two minutes. If you have a REALLY LARGE group, contact the Masquerade Director before the Masquerade about the time you will need. Any entry going beyond the stated time limit will be disqualified.
  • Entrants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the entry form.
  • This is a family show. Your costuming – and your skit – needs to be a PG-13 rating or less. No costume is NO costume! (Don’t get on stake naked.)
  • No materials or effects that will leave a mess on stage or in the green room are allowed. No materials or effects that may ruin another entrant’s costume are allowed.
  • No live animals on stage, unless it’s a service animal.
  • No pyrotechnics or any other open flames are allowed.
  • Weapons must be peace-bonded when not on stage. If you plan on wielding your weapon as part of your presentation, you must advise the Masquerade Director of what exactly you plan on doing on stage at the Pre-Masquerade Meeting. Failure to do so can result in disqualification. This is for the safety of the entrant, the judges, the Director, the rest of the Masquerade staff, the other entrants, and the audience.

The Pre-Masquerade Meeting will take place on Saturday morning at a time to be determined. Each entry must be represented, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Masquerade Director. At the meeting, you will turn in your entry forms (see note at the top of this page), along with any music or soundtrack CDs and documentation. The Masquerade staff will review your paperwork with you, and will inform you about Green Room times and procedures.

Why is this meeting mandatory? You will know where to be when for the Masquerade, and you will be assured that the Masquerade staff understands your requirements. It also benefits the Masquerade staff, because by meeting with you prior to the event, we will get a real sense of what you and everyone else will be doing. This sense will help in planning a running order and how to best set up the Green Room.

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By Gregorius on 06.11.11 6:17 am

What are the rules regarding costumes made almost entirely of purchased items that were never meant for costuming purposes? Specifically, if I want to redecorate motorbike armor (with paint, duct tape, etc) to look like a plugsuit from Neon Genesis Evangelion, is that legal?

By Kevin on 06.11.11 9:22 am

We’ve forward both of your questions (including the one you posted elsewhere on the site) to You will get a better response to your Masquerade-related questions by writing directly to the Masquerade director at that address. Questions posted to the web site will sit here until the web site team forward them to the Masquerade director.

By Radar on 06.11.11 9:37 am


This falls under the possibility of the “significantly altered” category. I would need to see a picture of the original garment in comparison to the final creation to see if alterations were significant enough to qualify for entry.

If all you are doing is adding tape and paint to a garment and not altering the garment at all, then there is a strong possibility that your entry would only qualify for “exhibition only”.

By Debi on 06.20.11 7:25 pm

Hi, Is there a period or theme on costumes? Thanks

By Radar on 06.20.11 7:37 pm


Nope! You can put almost anything you like on stage. You just can’t be naked, and rating is PG-13 or less.

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