Match Game SF

Westercon 64 will feature two shows of Match Game SF, the SF/F-themed game show based on the popular 1970s game show. Contestants will be randomly selected from the audience to match wits with our panel, with the object being to guess how the panel answers fill-in-the-blank questions like “Captain Kirk has the biggest ___ in Starfleet.” Winners receive prizes such as gift certificates from Westercon 64 dealers, while all contestants receive Lovely Parting Gifts (TM).

Match Game SF will be on Saturday afternoon of Westercon at 2:30 PM, while the second “Late Night” edition will be on Sunday night at 10 PM after the performance of Girl Genius Radio Theatre. Both shows will be in the Club Regent Room on the ground floor of the Fairmont Hotel. The Saturday afternoon show is “rated PG” for suggestive language, while Sunday’s “Late Night” show is unrestricted, with parental discretion strongly advised.

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[…] answer to a question like “Captain Kirk has the biggest ___ in Starfleet!” then you’ll love Match Game SF,an SF/F-themed version of the classic 1970s game show,Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PM with a special […]

By Pat Turner on 06.25.11 6:36 pm

Need help with writing these?

By Kevin on 06.25.11 6:38 pm


We can always use new questions, and while we now have enough for the shows at Westercon, we’re looking for questions to use at Renovation in August, so yes, feel free to send them to me. You can send them by email to [kastandlee][at][].

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