Meet Us

You will be able to find us at the following conventions:

If you would like to represent us at a convention, please check our Get Involved page.

Past Appearances

BayCon 2009

BayCon20090523 006
David Gallaher and Lisa Deutsch Harrigan behind the San Jose in 2011 bid table at BayCon 2009. The Canadian flag behind us is from the neighboring table from Anticipation.

BayCon20090523 021
Fans signing up as pre-supporting members of San Jose in 2011 at BayCon 2009.

BayCon20090523 025
Adrienne Foster helps us set up our room party at BayCon 2009.

BayCon20090523 038

Chairman Glenn Glazer (sitting in white chair, center) discusses the San Jose bid with attendees of the SJ2011 bid party at BayCon 2009 on May 23.

Norwescon 2009

Map of downtown San Jose and our video of downtown San Jose restaurants, shops, and attractions as displayed at our party at Norwescon 32, April 4, 2009.
SJ2011 shared a table with Anticipation at Norwescon 32. Behind the shared table, Kevin Standlee (who sits on the boards of directors of both SJ2011 and Anticipation’s parent non-profit corporations) sits with Kuma Bear at one of the convention’s crossroads.

Further Confusion 2009

Lisa Detusch Harrigan at FurCon

Lisa Detusch Harrigan behind the SJ2011 bid table at Further Confusion 2009 in San Jose

Silicon 2008

Bid table at SiliCon

Glenn Glazer and 'Captain' Kevin Standlee behind the bid table at SiliCon 2008, October 3-5, San Jose CA