Westercon 64 will allow you to transfer your membership, with all un-exercised voting rights. If you want to exercise your voting rights, do so before transferring it. To transfer a membership, both the original member and the transferee must notify Westercon 64 and list in the notification the member number, name of original member, name of transferee and contact information for both parties. This document may be done by e-mail, or written document, hand carried or mailed to Westercon 64.

Example: Member A votes in the 2013 Westercon Site Selection using his attending membership, then transfers the membership to B. Member B may attend the convention and participate in the Business Meeting, but she may not vote in Site Selection because the voting rights were already used.

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By Catey_Cat on 11.04.10 4:07 pm

What about rolling over a membership to the next years convention? Some cons will let you do that, but seeing as how Westercon moves around, I realize that is probably not the case. We won’t be able to attend Westercon 64, but will be able to attend Westercon 65 in 2012, so if it were possible to roll our membership over that would be great

By Glenn on 11.04.10 4:22 pm

Unfortunately, as you note, Westercon moves around. Each one is run by a different corporation, so there isn’t really a mechanism for transfers. What I would recommend is posting a message at our Facebook and/or Livejournal pages seeking to sell your membership.

By Catey_Cat on 11.12.10 3:14 pm

Thank you for answering Glenn. I will see about doing that

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