Membership Types

Supporting Membership

Supporting members receive any progress reports or any other generally mailed publications published after the member joins the Westercon, including the Program Book, but may not attend the convention. Supporting members may exercise any voting rights permitted by the bylaws (principally voting on Westercon Site Selection), except attending the Business Meeting. Supporting memberships may be purchased at the convention in conjunction with site selection ballots

Attending Membership

Attending members have all of the rights of supporting members, plus the right to attend the Westercon and the business meeting(s) held there, subject to any restrictions established by the Westercon bylaws.

Child Rates and Memberships

Ages are as of the first day of the convention, July 1, 2011.

Children under 7 years old (born after July 1, 2004) are free. Children under 7 have no membership rights. We do intend to have childcare available for the smaller children at a reasonable cost to the parents.

Children who will be between 7 and 12 at the time of the convention (born after July 1, 1998 and on or before July 1, 2004) are $35 in advance. (A higher at-the-door rate will be determined later.) Child must be with Parent/Guardian (who must have an attending membership) unless in Children’s Programming. Child memberships otherwise include the rights of a full Attending member, including voting rights.

Children 13 and older (born on or before July 1, 1998) are full price.

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By Joe on 06.26.11 12:37 am

I noticed on the membership list that there are many people (including Sally Smith and Rebecca Soley) with both an “A” number and a “PS” number. So, does this mean that the money we paid for Pre-Supporting memberships was wasted? Refunds?

By Kevin on 06.26.11 11:16 am


Discounts for pre-supporting members expired on August 1, 2010. People who bought attending memberships after that date but who were previously pre-supporting members ended up generating a second record in the membership database. There are no refunds applicable because we wrote to all pre-supporting members and told them that they had until August 1, 2010 (approximately thirteen months after our site was selected) to redeem their discounts.

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