How to Vote

Westercons are selected two years in advance. Every member of Westercon has the right to vote in an election to decide where the future Westercon will be. When you vote, you pay an additional fee that guarantees you a supporting membership in that future Westercon. (A “supporting membership” gets you the publications and voting rights in Westercon, but not the right to actually attend the convention. This is not the same thing as a “pre-supporting membership,” which is what bids sell to raise money to cover the cost of bidding.)

The site of Westercon 64 will be selected at Westercon 62 (“FiestaCon”) in Tempe, Arizona. You do not have to attend FiestaCon to vote; however, you do have to be at least a supporting member of the convention in order to vote. To join FiestaCon, go to their Registration Page and buy a supporting membership for $30. This will get you all of FiestaCon’s publications and the right to vote in the site selection election in Tempe in July 2009.

In approximately May 2009, FiestaCon will send a site selection ballot to all of its members. At that time, you can cast your ballot (by mailing it, sending it with someone else, or in person at the convention in Tempe) to choose the site of the 2011 Westercon. You will have to pay an additional voting fee, but that fee will make you a supporting member of the 2011 Westercon no matter who wins.

You mean I have to pay twice? Yes, because you first have to be a member of the convention running the election, and then you have to commit to buying at least a supporting membership in the convention that wins, regardless of where it is. The money you pay to join FiestaCon goes to them. The money you pay to vote goes to whoever wins the election. If our bid wins, we get the money, because all of the people who voted are now supporting members of our Westercon.