What Am I Buying?

Westercon bids are run completely by volunteers and paid for by donations. Bids sell what are known as “pre-supporting memberships” to help pay for the cost of running the bid. Things like holding parties at other conventions, distributing flyers, and promoting the bid are paid by the money raised by the bid committee. Similar to the way PBS stations have various levels of membership, bids also sell memberships of various types.

Pre-supporting” memberships are donations to the bid that also say, “I support your bid and hope you win.” Your money goes toward the costs of organizing the bid. If our bid wins the election, we will grant you a $15 credit toward the cost of buying an attending membership in our Westercon. If you both pre-support and vote on the site selection election (and we win), we’ll give you an automatic attending membership.

Science fiction fans are a whimsical bunch, and in response to their requests, most bids now also sell “pre-opposing” memberships. A pre-opposing membership is one way you can help support the cost of bidding (because bidding is expensive and you want to help people pay those costs) while taking a stand that you oppose the specific bid. Pre-opposing memberships get the exact same credit toward an attending membership (if we win) as pre-supporting memberships.

Friends of the Bid are people who donate even more money to help put on the bid. These contributions are particularly valuable in paying the cost of bidding. If our bid wins, Friends of the Bid will be granted an automatic attending membership in our Westercon.

What if you lose? We always thank you for your support, of course, and our offer of credit toward memberships in our convention if we win is part of that thanks. To be blunt, if we our bid is not successful, there is nothing more we can give you than our thanks.

We encourage you to at least pre-support all bids. Without the contributions of money and time from other fans, there are no bids, no bid parties, and no choices for fandom in where to hold Westercon.